Investment and Technology

Linker with Namaa AlSharq Closes an Investment at 6 Million Saudi Riyals

Rabat Al-Sharq Information Technology Company, owner of the Linker platform specializing in integrating e-commerce platforms and restaurants, has closed a Seed investment round valued at 6 million Saudi Riyals, led by Engineer Hassan Nasser Al-Dossary and in collaboration with Namaa AlSharq Company.

Rabat Al-Sharq offers advanced e-commerce solutions through the Linker Sellers platform, enabling sellers to integrate e-commerce platforms from markets, stores, and websites into a single integrated platform. This facilitates easy and centralized management of orders, sales, inventory, and product updates.

Furthermore, it provides unique solutions for restaurant owners through Linker Restaurants, allowing control over food delivery applications within a centralized platform in the Kingdom. This enhances order management, delivery, and menu updates in a smooth and intelligent manner.

Engineer Nasser Hassan Al-Dossary, the founder of Rabat Al-Sharq, commented, "We believe this step is fundamental to support talented youth in innovation, in line with Saudi Arabia's efforts to support entrepreneurial projects towards a developmental and technological future leadership, especially as this platform is the first of its kind in the Kingdom."

Marouf Babelli, the CEO of Linker platform, expressed his pride in completing the round, appreciating its support for the tech sector and innovation in the Kingdom: "We take pride at Linker for being part of the developmental process of the tech and entrepreneurial sectors led by the vigorous efforts of the Kingdom’s authorities in line with Vision 2030. Linker projects aim to empower sellers and restaurants, easing their sales experience to support the economy of the Kingdom and enhance business success by optimally utilizing resources, relying on youth creativity and innovation proficiency."

The collaboration of Linker Company with Namaa AlSharq enhances the strong presence in the Saudi market, relying on in-depth studies and advanced implementation technologies, promoting economic and commercial development, and aiming for leadership in the innovative and creative sector in Saudi Arabia. The company will leverage this investment round to develop its services and expand its scope through more strategic partnerships, providing smoother and more comprehensive experiences for users, in preparation for upcoming investment rounds.